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Environmental Policy

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Office Gold Group are committed to promoting sustainable development, to continuously improve our activities and to conduct our business in a responsible way.

Being sensitive to the environment is a key part of our corporate social responsibility.

We are working for a better environment

As a reliable business partner, it is critical to us that we operate as responsible corporate citizens. We will meet, and where reasonably practicable, exceed the requirements of all applicable environmental legislation and regulations. We have integrated environmental management into our entire range of business activities. Our objective is to minimise the adverse environmental impacts of our activities. Our management shares this common vision and takes responsibility for our environmental performance.


Appropriate measures will be put in place to train and make employees aware of their responsibilities for environmental matters and to outline the part they can take in ensuring that Office Gold will achieve its own environmental objectives.

This will be achieved by:-

  • Providing suitable training courses, to enable employees to deal with their specific areas of environmental control
  • Issuing of relevant policies, procedures and guidance outlining the individual responsibilities to all employees within the company
  • The provision of information on notice boards and through poster displays
  • Environmental awareness training provided to staff undertaking assessments of company locations
  • A higher profile for environmental issues in company public relations activities and company literature

Our Fleet

Our fleet of vehicles are all maintained by a third party Fleet Management Company. They have responsibility for the servicing schedule of company vans, 7.5 tonne trucks and staff company cars. By keeping our vehicles in good condition it prolongs the efficiency and lowers emissions produced by each vehicle.

We are currently investigating the possibility of converting our current vehicles to run on Bio-diesel which will help to lessen the impact on the environment.

Each of the vehicles is fitted with a satellite navigation system, this reduces the routes taken by the drivers, meaning that vehicles spend less time on the road and consume less fuel.

Office Gold actively encourages staff to travel to work by public transport, bicycles and walking. We have in-house shower rooms to encourage people to take part. A car sharing scheme also operates for the office based members of staff.


Office Gold currently recycles over 85% of all waste generated in-house. Our program of waste management is the responsibility of the Operations Director.

We currently re-use packaging boxes that our goods are supplied in. We are also about to switch to recycled cardboard boxes. The boxes will be branded as recycled, thus pushing our environmental commitment.

By rolling out these initiatives, we will reduce packaging waste which ends up in landfill sites.

Products and Supply chain

Paper Products
We actively source paper products such as white copier paper, fax and till rolls, filing equipment. It is important when sourcing any paper based product that the supplier conforms to the best possible environmental practices. We also look to source from sustainable forests. These forests are essential for the environment and the paper mills that we use recognise this.

Our Paper suppliers produce sustainability reports and have recognised environmental accreditations i.e. FSC, the Nordic Swan or EMAS.

Computer Supplies
We offer our customers a toner recycling service, these collected items are then sent away and used for remanufacturing. Some parts cannot be remanufactured, so the units are stripped down and recycled e.g. the metal parts are melted down and re-used.

Office Gold supply fair trade tea, coffee and other catering consumables. Fair trade is about 'giving new opportunities to some of the world’s poorest producers' and 'promotes forms of trade that contribute to sustainable development and increased social justice'.

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